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What are the advertising opportunities on Taxi Cab taxis and their salons?
Advertising on a public transport vehicle and in its interior is a convenient way to quickly promote the visual image of your company to the general public and strengthen the memorization of previously advertised information. In addition, the effectiveness of this advertising is an effective means of attracting the attention of potential consumers.

What are the advertising options on the taxi body?

Advertising on Taxi Cab taxi bodies.

We offer your company both to create an advertisement and to place it on our taxi body. The advertisement on the side of the taxi will be more visible to pedestrians, but the advertisement on the back of the taxi will attract the attention of drivers, so the advertiser has the opportunity to choose the most suitable advertising space to attract potential customers. This type of street advertising is perceived on the move and allows the advertisement to move over a wider area, so it will be suitable for laconic and concise slogans, logo, drawing or photography.

What are the advertising options in the taxi cabin?

Advertising in the taxi cabin on the back of the seat backs.

The advertisement is printed on the fabric used to cover the backrests of the front seats. It is visible to passengers sitting in the back. It is very suitable for advertising a logo, slogan or trademark.

Advertising box on the back of the driver’s chair.

Transparent advertising box, which is attached to the back of the driver’s chair and is intended for placing various advertising materials. These can be brochures, flyers, company business cards, information about various events, products or any interesting and creative advertising that would attract 30cm. the attention of a passenger sitting in the distance!


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